How did we get here?

      Rick Sellers and Wes McCraw are a team of audio producers from Cleveland Ohio. For nearly two decades they have worked together to provide professional audio content for Hasbro Toys, American Greetings, Audio Books, E-Learning properties, and National Television and Radio. In recent years Rick and Wes have pooled their talents to create Premo Demos... an audio production house dedicated to providing “cutting edge” professional demos specifically for the voice-over community...all over the world.  

“ Okay first off...OH MY GOD! This is incredible! Way better than I could have imagined or hoped. The transitions, the effects, the editing, everything...I love it!!!” ~Tom Aglio-Voice Actor, New York, New York 

“ Thanks so much for the demo you’ve made for me, I love it!!! It's perfect just the way it is!” ~Sandy McCunn -voice actor, Edinburgh Scotland

“I'm so freaking thrilled that you [Rick] and Wes helped me make a freaking awesome toy demo!!!...and that all my years of doing animation have helped me create character voices for toys as well as cartoons!” ~Mary Morgan-Voice Actor, Dallas Texas

 “ Hi guys! My husband and I both love what you’ve done! And I’m grateful for the quick turnaround! ~Barbara Benjamin Creel-Voice Actor, Atlanta Georgia